About Me… It’s all about YOU!

In all honesty, it’s not about me, it’s all about you. My early years as a Pharmacist have taught me how to explain the intricate workings of pharmaceutical medicines to patients of all comprehension levels. Similarly, my years as a middle school science teacher taught me how to explain to children complex principles of chemistry, biology and earth science in a way they can understand. With 30 years of home improvement contracting under my belt, I have fixed, replaced or built from scratch nearly every aspect of a home. Where most home inspectors took a class of 100 hours to learn how to SEE defects in a home, I believe that 30 years of actually correcting defects gives me a huge leg up on knowing the intricacies of where, why and how to look for defects. I found Imperial Home Inspector to bring my expertise to you and for your next home purchase. Allow my life-experiences to work for you.